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How do I search the database?

There are two main ways to search the database:

Simple search

The simple search is accessed via the search box in the top right hand corner of the page. This will search for records across the Title and Description fields.

Advanced search

The advanced search enables you to perform more specific searches.

  • Title of the archive, book, journal etc. that you are looking for.
  • Description will contain more information than the title alone
  • Author
  • Reference number – this is useful if you already know the reference number and want to narrow your search.
  • Subject can be searched on it's own. By selecting the Subjects button on the advanced search, a list of subject headings used in the catalogue will appear on the screen. If for example you select Air Raid Damage (on the subject heading) then Select and Search a list of all material associated with air raid damage will be located.
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