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TitleOur Heroes Exhibition
DescriptionFirst World War Centenary Exhibition illustrating the impact the Great War had on the people of Trafford both in the field of conflict and on the home front.
AbstractThe First World War touched the lives of everyone in Great Britain and marked a period of great change for the country.

Our Heroes illustrates how the 'Great War', as it became known, affected the lives of the men, women and young people who lived in the towns and villages that are today part of Trafford. It gives a brief insight into their personal contribution and the sacrifices they made, whether in the field of conflict, or on the Home Front.

Using original photographs, archives and memorabilia from the period we can reveal some of the personal, often poignant stories which have remained hidden for over 100 years. For a brief period we can look back through a window into the past and reflect on the hardships and challenges our ancestors overcame in their struggle to maintain everyday life during very difficult times.
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